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March 2012

‘The sun do move’, The life of Rev. John Jasper-Part 1 – Richmond History |

‘The sun do move’, The life of Rev. John Jasper-Part 1 – Richmond History |


Now I lay me down to sleep…

Familiar words to so many children, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray thee Lord, my soul to keep.” And then we reach a certain age, maybe about the time we come to realize there is no sandman, tooth fairy or Santa Claus. And that is when we say the prayer one last time.

To most children, that moment when we lose our innocence, when we come to the realization that all those stories of magical fairy god-mothers are just that, stories, is when we gain an understanding of how tough life is going to be.

New thoughts take over our subconscious mind, and we begin to wonder at the enormity of the  sky above us. And we wonder for the first time about our own mortality. It can be very frightening to lie in bed at night, unable to fall off to sleep, listening to the beat of your heart, wondering what it will feel like to die.

Holding conversations in your mind helps to keep the fear away, talking to your best friend, getting the answers to the questions you cannot ask in person. It’s a type of defense weapon, except we don’t know to call it by that term.

That particular period of time lasts a long time, years, actually. It goes on at least until puberty takes over our bodies, when building hormone levels mess with our thoughts, and new feelings begin to emerge. And the prayer of our childhood is now all but forgotten.

I remember very well that period of time after about the third grade, and before puberty. I was one of those kids that lay in bed and counted the even beats of my heart, wondering how it kept it’s rhythm, how it could beat without stopping.

I was also fascinated with the sky, the heavens and the stars. I couldn’t figure out how big the sky was. We’re taught that things have a beginning and an end, at least when we are young, and if that was so, then my childish mind reasoned the sky had a size and a shape.

It’s funny to say, but this perception I formulated so many years ago has stuck with me for a half- century now. The difference in then and now is that I know we are not spinning around in a huge box, controlled by a giant looking over us. It was this man that arranged the stars, and turned on the sun every morning. He is now a part of my memories.

Something else has changed, as it is wont to do as we age. The prayer, it has meaning for me again, and it tells me that I never, ever really lost my love for those words. There is new feeling when I say, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord, my soul to keep”.

Did My Post Suck Today?

Did My Post Suck Today?.

Equal Rights and the war on women – Richmond Community Issues |

Equal Rights and the war on women – Richmond Community Issues |

The best of both worlds- Richmond – Richmond History |

The best of both worlds- Richmond – Richmond History |

The answer to life, the universe and just about everything

I was looking for something dealing with compensation on another web site I write for, and came across a most unusual question. In the middle of a lengthy list of ‘questions ‘ you could find answers to was this, “What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?”

It may be that the question was added to the list of legitimate one’s as a check to see if anyone was actually using the database. I got that, and at the bottom of that page was a ‘like’ or ‘not like’ to click. Of course, I clicked ‘like’. Why? I was amused by the idea in the first place.

But to be serious, can the question be answered easily? Can anyone give a good explanation for the meaning of life? I would think it would take more than a page or even two. And the universe, that question has been on the minds of men and women all through history. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have tried to explain it, and even still, it is a mystery.

People who have taken science courses can tell us what constitutes life. Life is living, starting as do all living things at the cellular level, and multiplying, reproducing, and eventually dying. Books have been written about the meaning of life in this respect. One very in-depth study was written in 1944 by Erwin Schrodinger.

Life as coming from the cellular level is all well and good. But I think the original question dealt with what life was at the metaphysical level. I read something a while back describing life on this planet as being a ‘dance’. That sounds intriguing, the dance of life.

From the advent of man’s journey on our planet, when the primate that he was stood upright, began to make tools, hunt, and eventually form family groups, it proved to be enlightening for him. I sometimes wonder at just what moment man looked at the heavens, wondering, perhaps, at the vastness of the mantle over his head.

What words did he use, to describe what he was seeing? And did he give any thought to his place in the order of things? This is life to me. The spiritual aspect of living, and our relationship to all around us, the good and the bad. And yes, it’s important to know where our place is in the order of things. That is life.

The great Libby Prison escape- Part 2 – Richmond History |

The great Libby Prison escape- Part 2 – Richmond History |

Governor calls ‘war on women’ a political smokescreen – Richmond Community Issues |

Governor calls ‘war on women’ a political smokescreen – Richmond Community Issues |

Celebrate Your Milestones

I was intrigued over the ‘Milestones’ article. Actually, as I have just started this site, I am thrilled to have realized I now have, I think 7 or maybe 8 posts, or blogs.

Now this brings up an excellent question. Here on WordPress, which am I doing? I would guess this is a blog, right? And if I write an article of some sort, like perhaps a story, then it would be a post.

You know, there is one site where I have a truckload of badges. It’s the Facebook games page. I have 67-68 badges now, and still moving along. I play the video bingo game the most. It is sort of mind numbing, which is a positive for me.

Does anyone else have those periods when it is a pleasure to tune out of the world around you? It stems from a period of time in my childhood, which is another whole story altogether, and sometimes I just ‘go’.

So, I look forward to the milestones to be garnered from this page, and wish others the very best as well.

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