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The next milestone: Home health care

The next milestone: Home health care.


Worry is an elephant, standing in my way

Humans have a remarkable system of protective mechanisms, useful in a number of situations. One of the best of these protections is the one that comes into play when worry over an issue gets too big for us to handle. We don’t have to call it into play, thank goodness, because it comforts us automatically. Call it a distraction, or anything else that comes to mind, but, it’s a big help in getting us through a rough patch.

Be Happy, don’t worry!

Myself now, well it can be hard to explain what happens to me when worries get too much for my mind to handle. Some readers may remember the quip from the 60’s, about “tuning in and turning off,” or something along those lines. No, it has nothing to do with drugs, alcohol or any other mind-altering ingredients. I just file it away, not with the purpose of ignoring it forever, but so that I can think in a coherent manner on how to handle the issue.

Worry, especially constant worry can create problems, physical, psychological and spiritual with an individual. I really don’t know which of the three is worse, because I have had to deal with all of them, at one time or another. I like to use an old saying, if it’s a worry that I know will eventually have a solution. I say to myself, “when you get so far down, the only way is up.” And that is true, in most cases, isn’t it? Knowing this makes attempting to find a solution a lot easier for me.

But I have to admit to something. I have noticed that as I get older, I am worrying about things I have absolutely no control over. It is so frustrating, too. I mean, there is absolutely nothing I, or anyone else for that matter, can do about stopping international terrorism, or the caldera under Yellowstone National Park from erupting. But, I worry about those things. I also worry about global warming, to the point of being obsessed about what we, the human race, are doing to our planet.

There’s an elephant in my living room!

Do I lose sleep over all my worries? Truthfully? No, not really, and the reason is simple. There is nothing I, myself can do about the big things. Instead, I worry and fret over the small stuff, like having enough money to pay my bills, or when my next doctor’s appointment is supposed to be. I worry about whether or not I will have an overdraft charge this month, or how much I’ll have in prescriptions, and can I pay for them.

But even these small problems can grow out of proportion, creating an elephant, standing in the middle of my living room. The worry becomes a livingĀ  thing, and is so big, it can’t be ignored. That’s when I guide that worry to the door, and let it loose. It doesn’t go away, but at least I will have space to move around again, until I decide what to do with the darned thing.

Celebrate Your Milestones

I was intrigued over the ‘Milestones’ article. Actually, as I have just started this site, I am thrilled to have realized I now have, I think 7 or maybe 8 posts, or blogs.

Now this brings up an excellent question. Here on WordPress, which am I doing? I would guess this is a blog, right? And if I write an article of some sort, like perhaps a story, then it would be a post.

You know, there is one site where I have a truckload of badges. It’s the Facebook games page. I have 67-68 badges now, and still moving along. I play the video bingo game the most. It is sort of mind numbing, which is a positive for me.

Does anyone else have those periods when it is a pleasure to tune out of the world around you? It stems from a period of time in my childhood, which is another whole story altogether, and sometimes I just ‘go’.

So, I look forward to the milestones to be garnered from this page, and wish others the very best as well.

If the truth be told….








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