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Sexting has spread to the senior set

Sexting has spread to the senior set.


Sexting among teens has increased

Sexting among teens has increased.

Do kids really think sexting is OK?

I read an article earlier today posted by a local television station. The story was about the prevalence of sexting still going on in the local school systems.

The reporter had chosen one county school district, but it could have been any of a number of school districts in the area. For any parent to think otherwise would have been audacious.

Not wanting to take the story at face value, I looked up ‘free text apps’ on the internet, and low and behold, I found not hundreds, but thousands and thousands of sites.

Yes, they are all free. And the big come on is that they are not detectable on the parent’s cell phone bill. Wow, kids like that, right? Off to the side of the search pages is a listing of sites that are compatible to what you happen to be looking for.

I went to one phrase that said ‘sexting pictures’. There are hundreds and hundreds of sites available where someone can upload their best pictures to the sites for publication all over the world and beyond, I guess.

Now, being a grandparent, this kind of thing disturbs me to no end. I sure as h*** would not want to see my granddaughter’s picture on one of those sites, and I sure wouldn’t want anyone else seeing her picture on those sites.

As smart as our teenagers are today, I would hope they realize things like this don’t just disappear into the netherworld when they graduate from high school. Not only that, but I also hope they realize they are being exploited.

You know, as much as all of us want to believe that people are basically good and upstanding, there are people who are just plain scum of the earth living in our world. They could be the kindly man living down the street, or anyone, for that matter.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, I just hate finding out about things like this. It actually makes me feel sort of sad.

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