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Equal Rights and the war on women – Richmond Community Issues |

Equal Rights and the war on women – Richmond Community Issues |


The Virginia General Assembly and personal choice

It’s been a hectic few weeks here in Richmond, but after a lot of bickering back and forth across the isles, the legislature was able to get one, that’s right, one ultrasound bill through to a final vote that passed the senate today.

It’s such a shame that this particular bill got as far as it did. I myself am neither for, nor am I against abortions. Where I do draw a line is when some old fool in our government tells me or another woman that we have to do this or that to our body.

I have very strong feelings about the federal governments’ role in our private lives, and there is nothing more private, to me anyway, than having an abortion. It’s not something you would discuss with your congressman, that’s for sure.

So, by the same way of thinking, when did it first happen that some busybody, with nothing else to do, obviously, decided that her neighbor had no right to have an abortion, just because she herself didn’t like it?

If that wasn’t bad enough, this busybody takes her complaint to the Supreme Court, and they take sides with her. Well, you can see it gets worse and worse by degrees. It amounts to this, there are some things that no one has a right to interfere in, and what a woman does to procreate, or not, is her business.

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